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Design System


We created the Rango DS, the Design System that comes to enable Alelo's new product ecosystem.

The collaborative and efficient work of Meiuca's team has brought us a robust and flexible Design System capable of meeting both the company's current demands and future needs.

Giovani de Oliveira, UX Designer Lead at Alelo Brasil


The benefits market is growing, and new competitors and regulatory changes have highlighted the need to modernize the experience of Alelo products. The Rango DS, its Design System, comes as an answer, a means to make this happen much more efficiently.


We designed, developed, and documented the Rango DS and supported the construction of your implementation strategy. It is available in Flutter, React, and, obviously, Figma. We created it to make the friendly nature of the Alelo brand tangible throughout its product ecosystem.

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Above are some implementation studies that we developed during a Design System project. This helps us validate the standards in real scenarios and rationalize good guidelines for the application of the components, good navigation practices, composition, and much more.

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