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Saúde iD

Product Concept


We rethought the heart of Saúde ID: your search experience.

There's the experience before and after Meiuca. Without a doubt, Meiuca is the best partner I've ever worked with. It truly comes with the complete package: an exceptional team, agility in deliveries, focus on execution, and, for me, the main thing, quality time to help me think and see beyond. I want these guys with me always!

Hans Lenk, former CEO at Saúde iD, current CEO at Printi


Saúde iD is a Fleury Group company, which we could define as an aggregator of exams and procedures. At that time, there was a significant challenge at its core: its search experience. Despite this being our primary objective, we also reviewed its digital look.


We rethought home and created an effortless experience where the search appears in a drawer, which gives focus and allows contextualizing the experience according to the user's needs. We designed exciting features, such as the possibility of uploading an image of a recipe.

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This was just a Concept project (called “Product Vision”) to pave the way for the product team. However, we continue to support Hans (former CEO of Saúde ID), now in his new challenge: Printi, where we are developing its e-commerce from scratch.

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